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Send and Receive Fax

  • Super G3/ 33.6Kbps Fax Speed* 
    Super G3 support, transmits at a fast V.34 33.6Kbps speed, approximately 3 seconds per page. More than twice the speed of the predecessor, V.17 (14.4Kbps).
  • JBIG Fax Compression* 
    JBIG compression is far more efficient than MMR technology. Faxing with JBIG compression transmits it can reach at about 2.6 seconds per page.
  • T.38 Fax Over IP 
    Faxes sent via the IP network avoid the PSTN and therefore cut down large long distance call charge.
  • Print to Fax 
    LifeFAX allows users to compose a fax from any application that utilizes a printer. To send, users simply "print" the document to the application. Let sending fax is easy as printing.
  • PBX Integration 
    After installing LifeFAX behind PBX. It is able to listen DTMF code generated from PBX system. So fax can be delivered via PBX setting or analog DID/DDI service.
  • Fax to Folder 
    The sent and received faxes will be stored in any share folder specified by user.
  • Fax to Print 
    It supports the received faxes to be printed out via network printing automatically.
  • Automatic Format Conversion 
    The user can send fax by select LifeFAX printer to conver the current document to fax format.
  • Fax Queue
    All faxes will be queued within LifeFAX fax queue. It have priority code to indicate the pirority of the fax.  Urgent fax will send out by next available line.
  • Delay Fax Sent 
    Users can send faxes by specified time.
  • Fax Broadcast
    Users may also be able to send the fax document to a number of different users. Fax Broadcast result can export to Excel format.
  • Fax Resend
    When the fax destination is busy or no answer, LifeFAX will queue for resend. users can set up the retry times in the software.
  • Inbound Fax Routing
    LifeFAX will route the fax according to sender's input of the fax mailbox number and automatically route to users mailbox. If the sender did not enter fax mailbox number, it will automatically sent to the fax administrator for manual routing.  Administrator can also apply the CSID and line routing for fax delivery.
  • Internal Transfer 
    All faxes can be transfer internally. Just select the user抯 name on the list.
  • Fax Status 
    The system automatically indicate fax status when the fax job done. It help user to identify the fax situation. If a new fax received, the system automatically prompted to indicate a new fax arived.
  • Fax to Email 
    All received fax will be automatically send to user抯 folder. It also can setup to send to email account by attachment.
  • Email to Fax 
    User can send fax from anywhere with internet connection.  Just add the attachment to email and our fax server will automatically coverts your email into fax and forwards it to the destination fax machine.

System and Management

  • User Management 
    Administrators can set up different user accounts,passwords,management authority,attributes.
  • Address Book 
    LifeFAX has its own address books � both shared and private to each user. Contacts may be grouped together into fax lists for rapid dissemination of information using just a few clicks.
  • Automatic IP Dial 
    Users can set up their own IP number. The system automatically dialed to preset IP number,saving communication costs.
  • Coverpage and Page Hearder 
    The system automatically add page header according to user抯 setting.
  • System Log 
    LifeFAX provides varies system log for administrator. Included user login and modify log, fax sent log, received fax log, fax distribution log and internal transmit log. All logs can be exported with excel document.
  • Fax Backup 
    Fax Backup allows to store and backup the sent and received faxes to any one share folder in server, PC or NAS automatically.
  • Fax Monitoring 
    Administrators can monitor all incoming or outgoing faxes.
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